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There is no need to register an account at CryptoGames. You can start playing (betting) right after entering the website. For each new player a unique Username is generated and saved in your internet browser cookies. It’s recommended to set up and write down a password to your account via Game Settings for playing from another device or internet browser or in case of cookies loss. It’s also recommended to connect your account with an email address for account access recovery in case of password loss.


CryptoGames is working with the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin. In order to add funds to your balance you need to choose the cryptocurrency from the drop-down list and click Deposit button. A unique wallet address will be generated for depositing. Send the desired amount of funds to this wallet address and they will be automatically added to your CryptoGames’s balance right after we receive the transaction. All the transactions are processed with 1 confirmation for BTC, 2 for LTC and 3 for DOGE. The wallet address generated for depositing could be used several times.

Play Money

CryptoGames provides all Players with the opportunity to practice with virtual money before you start playing on real ones. In order to get virtual funds, you should choose Fun Money in the currency list and click Get Fun Money button. Your balance will be updated with 1,000 FUN right away.


CryptoGames provides all Players with the possibility to receive funds on their account balance for free. In order to perform this action you need to click Faucet button and solve Captcha. Your account balance will be updated with 0.0000015 BTC (0.00015 LTC or 10 DOGE) right away. This amount is absolutely free of charge and can not be refunded. You can use Faucet option once in 10 minutes on one account or IP-address


A User can withdraw funds as long as all his or her deposits are confirmed. A Deposit is considered as confirmed when a transaction has 2 confirmations for BTC (3 and 4 confirmations for LTC and DOGE resp.).

In order to withdraw coins from your CryptoGames balance click Withdraw button. In appeared window you should specify your wallet address and amount to be withdrawn. Click the Withdraw button to proceed.

Withdrawal amount should not be less than 0.002 BTC (0.2 LTC, 10,000 DOGE).

Your withdrawal request will be queued and processed within several minutes. Requests on withdrawing more than 2 BTC (200 LTC, 2,000,000 DOGE) per 24 hours could be processed up to 3 working days.

CryptoGames charges withdrawal commission, which is 0.0005 BTC (0.002 LTC, 1 DOGE).


In order to play at CryptoGames’s casino, please choose the game in the list and make a bet according to the Rules of a chosen Game. Minimal Bet should not be less than 0.0000001 BTC, 0.00001 LTC and/or 1 DOGE.

Provably Fair

CryptoGames is a Provably Fair online casino. Read more

House Edge

CryptoGames charges House Edge of each win. The size of the commission is specified by the Rules of each Game. Casino commission is already included in Payout coefficient. There are no more additional fees charged from your bet or win amount.


You should guess the random number. Specify Bet Amount and a Win Chance and start the game by clicking Roll Low or Roll High. A random number will be generated from 00.00 to 99.99. If it is less than the Threshold (in case when Roll Low is chosen) or more than Threshold (in case when Roll High is chosen) then you win. The win amount is a sum of Bet Amount multiplied by a Payout coefficient.

House Edge is 1%.


The Game is about a minefield passing. The Game Difficulty and Winning Probability is set by a field size. A minefield passing consists of several steps equitable to quantity of field columns. In each column could be only one mine. After every successful step your win amount will be equal to the sum of Bet amount multiplied by Payout coefficient of current step. The Player reserves the right to take the winning amount or to continue minefield sweeping. In case of undermining you lose all the winning amount.

House Edge is 4%.

3-reel Slots

Play our 3-reel Slots as easy as pressing a button. Just enter a Bet amount to the corresponding field at the bottom of the machine. Then you’re ready to hit Spin and get the result almost immediately. The payout determined by what winning combination you get, multiplied by the bet amount. Auto-spin could be used to play slots machine as many times as you want or have a sum of money for.

Expected return is 95.14%.

5-reel Slots

Our 5-reel slots equipped with 20 Paylines, Wild and Scattered symbols and a Bonus Round.

To start playing choose a number of lines to play. More lines mean more chances to win. Then decide how many to Bet per Line. To activate a game just click on Spin button. Turned on Auto Spin option will make slots roll infinitely until you have sufficient balance or turn Auto Spin off by clicking on it once again.

Symbols in a Payline count from left to right. Wild symbol can replace any other symbol in a winning combination. Scatter symbols give a win by appearing on a screen after reels stop. No Payline is needed for them.

Bonus round starts after 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on the screen after reels stop. During the Bonus round, you get ten free spins with each win multiplied by 3.

Expected return is 97.05%.

Wheel of Fortune

Make a bet and spin the wheel, that easy! Each time a wheel stops to spin, initial bet multiplies. Multipliers could go from 0 to 3 and are predetermined for each wheel. Three wheels are available to a player right from the start: Steampunk, Cyber or Festival.

Expected return for Steampunk Wheel is 95.29%.

Expected return for Cyber Wheel is 98.23%.

Expected return for Festival Wheel is 97.05%.